11-11-11 @11:00 - We will Remember!

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Written by Kris Kurzydlo on 11th November 2013 at 20:10pm
11-11-11 @11:00 - We will Remember!

We celebrated today 95th aniversary of Armistace Day. Together with Prince Philip in Ypres, The Queen at The Whithall and a British Legion on Trafalgar Square in London millions of people accross Comonwelth and other countries celebrated Armistace Day.


The last living witnesses of the Great War joined celebrations. There is no more living Great War combatants among alive (the last one Claude Choules age 110 died in 2011) but they will live in our memories for ever.
WW1 was the most terrible conflict in British history. over 2% - 1mln of all people leaving in Great Britain at the time died. Another 2 mln people were wounded.

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