Christmas Truce

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Written on 19th December 2013 9:43am

During the first world war, both sides embraced the Christmas spirit and called an unofficial ceasefire against each other.

During WW1 there was an unofficial truce between troops of the British and Germans. Which began along the Western Front.

The Truce began on Christmas Eve of 1914 when the German troops began decorating their trenches with Christmas trees and candles. When carols could be heard from both sides, communication between the sides improved.

By Christmas Day many had excursions within No Man's Land, with British and German troops exchanging small gifts in the spirit of Christmas. The truce was summarised in the Football Match that took place in No man's Land between the 134th Saxon Regiment and German Forces.

Once the commanders on either side found out about the truce they officially ordered their men back to fighting and a similar Christmas truce was never seen again.

This made the Christmas Truce a legend during the horrors of WW1. This Christmas will mark the 99th anniversary of the Christmas Truce.

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