Normandy @2000h on D-Day - 70 years on

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Written on 6th June 2014 20:01pm
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70 years ago in Normandy in the evening on 6th June 1944 you could feel nervous excitement. Allied Operation Overlord was fully on the way, end of the WW2 become clearer than ever for milions around the world, but not for those who never left the five beaches.

It is now about 17 hours after the first troops of special forces parachuted to Normandy in preparation for the morning naval landings. For guys on the land who entered their landing sectors on Utha, Gold, Juno and Sword in the morning future looked promissing. They managed to enter French towns of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, Sainte-Marie-Du-Mont, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Bernieres-sur-Mer, Ouistreham and others. Surviving the first day and creating beachhead meant a lot for soldiers as they knew these are the most difficult moments in operation.
But thre were five landing beaches on this day. It must have been compleatly diffrent feeling on Omaha Beach where exhausted troops almost lost their battle with over 3000 casualities in the first day. To sustain operation took a lot of brevery and sacrifices butby the end of the first day with pockets of german 352nd devision still fighting in isolated bounkers over this beach night ahead must have looked bleak.

Today presidents and heads of state celebrated 70th Aniversary of Normandy landings in Ouistreham Sward Beach. It was one of the last celebrations when we could still see and talk to these people who took part in the biggest landing operation ever. You can still see all the sites in Normandy. Good infrastructuire and plenety of enthusiast allow us to see these places where the world's future changd visit for more details.

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