WW1 The Canadian Influence

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Written on 25th May 2011 12:26pm
Battle of Passchendaele Wounded Carried Away

During the First World War Canadian forces played a big part in fighting for our freedom...

Canadian forces had over 100,000 casualties in battles across Europe during the First World War alone.


The first Canada's first involvement in the First World War was in the French town of Neuve Chapelle, where they prevented German forces from reinforcing the sector of Neuve Chapelle.


They also played a big part during the second battle of Ypres, where they were the only division who were able to hold their position while deadly Chlorine gas was deployed upon Allied forces.


In the battle of Vimy Ridge Canadians fought alongside British forces to take control of German held high ground, a significant vantage point where now a great memorial stands to commemorate the 10,000 Troops who fell.


The Hundred days offensive had the highest number of Canadian casualties, with 46,000 soldiers who fell during the 100 days in which the bloody battle lasted.


That's not all Canadian solidiers did during World Wars. Click here to find out about Canadian Forces in the Second World War.

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