World War I & Canada

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Written on 29th January 2013 12:05pm

The First World War had a profound effect on Canada's history- enabling them to become more independent.

When the United Kingdom declared war on Germany and its allies , Canada immediately and without a shred of hesitation supported Britain- just like the rest of the Dominions of the British Empire. But no one could have predicted the profound effect the War would have on Canada socially and historically.


Socially, the country became more independent. However, it did create deeper rifts between the French and English speaking population- animosity that remains in some parts to this day.


It was significant in history as it marked the first time that Canadian forces fought as a distinct unit under Canadian-born command.


Canadian heritage and identity are deeply rooted in battles such as Vimy Ridge, Second Battle of Passchendaele and the Battle of the Somme. Canada's total casualties stood at 67,000 killed and 173,000 wounded.


The Canadian contribution to the war effort is remembered by the Allies as one of the greatest throughout the Commonwealth.

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