Dead Man's Corner

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Written on 23rd June 2011 10:34am
Tank at Dead Man's Corner

After D-Day the 101st Airbourne division fought some of the most important battles in ensuring the sucess of the Normandy landings in Saint Côme-du-Mont and Carentan...

Several attempts were made to capture Saint Côme-du-Mont, during one attempt a Stuart light Tank was hit by an armor piercing shell which killed the entire crew. The tank commander's corpse was sticking out of the turret and the intersection where it stopped was initially known as "the corner with the dead guy in the tank", but soon abbreviated to "Dead Man's Corner".


The fighting in this area was essential to the success of the landings on D-Day as it would create the link from Utah beach to Omaha beach.


After days of fighting, well positioned German troops, and battling snipers, on the night of the 8th of June allies forces managed to take "Dead Man's Corner" and capture the town of Saint Côme-du-Mont. By the 13th of June the town of Carentan was also captured and the route from Utah beach to Omaha beach was under allied control.


The house that stands at the intersection at "Dead Man's Corner" that was used as German headquarters then later as an Aid Station for the German paratroopers is now a Museum dedicated to "Dead Man's Corner".

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