The Battle of Falaise Pocket

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Written on 9th August 2011 13:16pm
Falaise Pocket Polsih destroy German colunm

On the 12th of August it will be 67 years since the battle of the Falaise pocket which saw the destruction of most of Germany's army west of the river Siene...

German prisoners in the Falaise Pocket

The Falaise Pocket was the town of Falaise and surrounding areas ( sometimes referred to as the Falaise Gap).

The main tactic of the battle was to encircle German Fifth and Seventh Panzer Armies who were inside the pocket.

The British and Canadian forces moved left and headed to the North of Falaise towards the river Seine eanwhile US froces moved to the South of Falaise.

US forces moved North to capture Alençon on the 12th of August, then moved up towards Falaise.

British troops came down from the north-west, pushing German forces back.

Canadian and Polish forces were thento close the gap and complete the encirlcement of German troops (this was code named Operation Tractable).

This commenced in the morning of the 14th of August. By the 16th of August General Field Marshall Günther von Kluge denied Hitler's demand for a counter attack, stating that it was impossible.

The battle ended in the evening of the 21st of August when the pocket was finnaly closed, by then some 100,000 German troops were trapped in the pocket.

Of the troops trapped in the pocket there were about 60,000 casualties. The rest managed to escape. However it was still seen as a desicive victory for the Aillies.

Other German loses included some 400 tanks, 300 guns and over 2,000 soft skinned vehicles.

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