The Liberation of Paris

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Written on 11th August 2011 16:17pm
Liberation of Paris, Parade on Champs Elysees

The Liberation of Paris marked the end of Operation Overlord...

French flag on the Eiffel Tower, Liberation of Paris

On the 25th of August 1944 Paris was liberated from four years of German occupation.


The people of Paris began an uprising against German forces led by the French Resistance (FFI) on the 19th of August. For four days the FFI and Parisian civilians of all ages fought against German forces, converting thier city streets into barricades.


The fighting continued until the 23rd when the Germand burned the Grand Palais, a FFI stronghold. Some 1,000 FFI fighters were killed and another 1,500 were wounded during the battle for Paris.


The 2nd French Armored Division arrived in Paris the next morning, they swept Western Paris while the 4th US Infantry division cleared the East. Most German troops had evacusted the city, or awaited capture by allied forces.


German forces had surrendered by the 25th of August and victor parades took place on the 26th and 29th down the Champs-Élysées. 

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