D-Day, Normandy landings

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Written on 5th June 2013 10:57am
D-Day Landings - 66th Anniversary

The Normandy landings took place on D-Day, Tuesday 6th June 1944 and began at 6.30am. It is quite possibly the most famous moment of the Second World War.

The Normandy landings were landing operation of the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II.


The invasion was conducted by the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Free France, Poland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium and Czechoslovakia. It took place on Tuesday 6th June 1944, a day that has come to be known as D-Day.


The operation was conducted in two phases. Firstly an airborne assualt landing 24,000 British, American and Canadian troops just after midnight. The second phase was an amphibious landing on the coast of France starting at 6:30 am.


The invasion was a success and five Allied beachheads were established in Normandy. Many consider it a crucial turning point in the Second World War and an operation that lead to Hitler's demise.

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