Battle of Stalingrad

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Written on 31st October 2013 10:09am

The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the most bloody battles of WW2 fought on the eastern front from 23 August 1942 - 2nd Feburary 1943.

The Battle Of Stalingrad was fought for control over the strategic town of Stalingrad, Russia which was placed along the eastern front. Hitler knew that this held economic benefit because it was close to the Russian oil fields. Hitler also knew the political benefit of capturing the town as ofcourse the city was named after the Russian leader Stalin.

Hitler attacked Stalingrad on 23rd August 1942, with the 6th army and 4th Panzer army divisions. He ensured the attack was supported by air reinforcements from the Luftwaffe. After the air reinforments the city was almost completely destroyed and this created a close quarters combat battle which was deadly to both soldiers and civilians. With the attack the Germans did push Soviet defenders back into the west bank of the Volga River.

However, on 19th November 1942 the Russians launched a counter operation to attack the weaker Romanian and Hungarian forces protecting the German 6th army also known as Operation Uranus. These forces were quickly overun, which also cut off supplies to the 6th Army meaning they became completely surrounded by the Soviet Forces.

By February 1943 Axis forces had exhausted their food and ammunition. The remianing axis forces surrendered. After the battle the Axis forces never regained the initiative in the east during WW2 with the destruction of the 300,000 man German 6th Army.

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