We Remember the ANZACs

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Written on 11th January 2011 16:28pm

Battlefields Tours commemorates the sacrifices made by the thousands of ANZACs who served during the World Wars and other battles...

During World Wars Australia and New Zealand lost over 130, 000 soldiers. On ANZAC Day we have a chance to look back and remember the sacrifices made by all involved in international conflicts and pay our respect to them.


One of the Many battle ANZACs were involved in during the First World War was The Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux in which Australian troops attacked German forces which had taken the French town of Villers-Bretonneux.


The main attack was carried out on the night of  24 April 1918. By the end of 25 April the town had been recaptured and handed back to the villagers.


This battle was also the first engagement between enemy tanks, which allowed Australian soldiers to capture a German tank. Today, it is the only surviving German World War I tank and it is preserved at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia.


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