ANZAC Day 2013

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Written on 28th February 2013 11:11am

On the 25th April 2013, Australians and New Zealanders will unite to commemorate the ANZAC soldiers who lost their life during the Gallipoli Penisula expedition.

On the 25th April 1915, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps joined the Allied campaign that set out to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula- it was an offensive expedition that, if successful, would open the way to the Black Seas for the Allies.


The campaign was planned to be a swift, bold strike which would knock the Ottomans, which were German Allies, out of the war. However when ANZAC troops landed, they were met with fierce resistance from the Ottoman and the campaign became a stalemate.


Over the eight months that the battle lasted, both sides encoutered huge casaulties; 21,255 British soldiers died, an estimated 10,000 dead soldiers from France, 8,709 from Australia, 2,271 from New Zealnd and 1,358 from British India.


The campaign had a profound affect on Australia and New Zealand as nation. The 25th April 1915 is recognised by many as the birth of their national identities- it shaped the way they both viewed their past and present.


ANZAC Day was formed a few months after the troops landed, and has continued to be commemorated on the 25th April annually, ever since. Many Australians and New Zealanders few it is a right of passage to spend at least one ANZAC Day at Gallipoli to show their respects to those who lost their life there.


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